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School of Paramedical Sciences

You Can Be a Part of Any Medical Ecosystem By Joining a Paramedical Course

RIT disseminates best paramedical education encompassing its clinical and managerial practices leading to a Government Approved Graduate Degree issued from a Government University. The institute also provides an innovative platform to the students who are given not only a strong theoretical backdrop but also practical exposure under the supervision of highly qualified faculty and associated professionals.

Medical sciences are making rapid progress with the advent of new innovations in technology, which are leading to unsurpassable opportunities attached with the profession. To meet the challenges posed by the dearth of competent professionals all over the world in the 21st century, our country also needs a new breed of medical professionals who can fuse together medicinal science with technology and can bridge the two disciplines. Thus, we have a burning need of a new breed of medical professionals having intricate knowledge of the complexities of medical and biological sciences.  

The primary role of paramedics is to provide pre-hospital medical care to the patients, to assist the doctors in overall diagnosis and care of the patients and management of health facilities. Thus, the paramedics provide support, which is timely, and extends high-quality medical care in complete medical ecosystem.


The power of saving lives

Bringing about a change in the quality of life and helping others is what most of us dream off. It is a complete win-win situation if this spirit of serving humanity integrates with your profession. The fine line between life and death depend just on quick and timely assistance. Paramedics are the ones that respond to emergencies, assess the condition and offer appropriate care to accelerate the process of medical support system. This ability to save lives by acting in a timely manner is quite a satisfactory experience for those who are exhilarated by working for the welfare of society. In the true sense, the role is as crucial as that of doctors.

In a developing country like India there is acute shortage of skilled and trained health-care professionals. At present, India requires six point four million paramedics to cater to the increasing need in the health sector. Currently, there is a dearth of such trained professionals, which can only be compensated with increased world – class training and education in paramedical sciences. It is a highly rewarding career option with numerous benefits. If you are looking for a career in the healthcare space, being a paramedic may just be the right choice for you.


The Benefits of Paramedical Courses include –

  • Getting exposure to medical procedures


As a paramedic, one is exposed to the below medical functions and procedures:

Analyze the extent of illness or injury, offer first aid and determine the further course of action.

Operate medical equipment and read instant reports such as ECG etc.

Prescribe and administer emergency oral drugs.

Manage and maintain inventory, equipment and modes of transport etc.

Immense potential for growth


Over the coming years the number of jobs in the paramedic fields is expected to rise phenomenally. This can be attributed to the fast growth of medical sector and advancement in medical science. As more and more healthcare establishments come into existence, the requirement of support staff on the go is going to go up. As facilities get more sophisticated, the need of paramedics also rises. For instance, paramedics are now required in helicopters and aircraft’s transporting patients. This wasn’t the case some years ago when the scope of healthcare wasn’t this advanced. Paramedical courses in India are a great bet to get an entry into the medical sphere and move onto better satisfying careers.


  • Positioning Yourself on a Fulfilling Career Path

Numerous nurses and doctors begin their careers in the medical field as paramedics. Paramedical skill development comes quite handy for further education and training. It is an amazing opportunity for practical on the job experience for treatment of injuries and diseases.

If you also fancy a career as a healthcare professional, enrollment in a Paramedical course can bestow you with all the qualifications to be a lifesaver.


Some More Advantages of Professional Paramedical Courses:   

            A paramedical course by default

  • Gives you a Strong Technical Base

You get a solid professional background along-with an undergraduate government’s University degree which is valid all over the globe.


  • Moulds your Attitude and Aptitude

When you take up a professional course at RIT, you are exposed to not only the new and fresh ideas related with the latest technology, but it also keeps you updated with everything that is going-on in your area of interest. You are constantly exposed to the challenges connected with the practical problems, and you solve them overcoming all the hurdles under able supervision of faculty and staff by using appropriate laboratory tools and technical backup.


  • Makes you a Paramedical Professional Ready to Serve the Mankind

In today’s competitive market, employers look for people who have a distinct quality to offer to their establishments. At RIT you learn to follow advanced concepts that give you the ability to face the challenges with a more tactical approach. Thus, you develop more creative and innovative perspective toward solutions that will set you apart from others.


  • Empowers You with the Ability to Contribute & Grow More

As you inculcate knowledge through constant learning, you have much more to contribute to your organization than your counterparts who haven’t been a part of this professional development. Moreover, you are exposed to new ideas, perception and knowledge that give you a competitive edge over others.


  • Enhances your Creativity

Creativity is something that never stops evolving but it needs constant feeding. Learning different ways to do a thing and getting acknowledged with the ongoing trends duly enhances our creativity. You just can’t get stuck to your old means of doing things, as different patients needs force you to modify your support process. By trying out different approaches continuously at RIT, you can improve your creativity and further sharpen it.


  • Helps you Adopt Professional Approach

Professional course teaches you the best way to get engaged with good organizations and to attract your customers. Through this you can meet your patients’ demands more effectively and in a more professional manner. 

You must have noticed that all the issues discussed above are equally relevant even if you want to establish your own enterprise, or if you want to acquire an already functional organization. Yes, we train you to become a medico-preneur and even go to the extent of supporting you with startup training to setup your own establishments.


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