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India: +91-9927099210, 9927099219 +91-9927099075
Nepal: +977-9821880560

Utthaan – Technical Club

Sharing Experiences about technical matters | Industrial Visits | Annual Technical Fest

This technical club is a yonder destiny in the quest of perfection where we leave no stone unturned. Its mission is to inspire the innovator within everyone, and to provide the students of the Institute a platform for transforming their dreams and ideas into reality. We are committed to nurture the technical environment in the Institute to help the students develop a better acumen, which would help them in their future endeavours.

We aim to organize the following activities for the students so that they can get a practical exposure to various areas of technology viz.

  • Technical Seminars, Presentations and Workshops, Interactive Sessions on Practical Applications of Technology,
  • Regular Meetings,
  • Training and Internship Programmes,
  • Competitions and Conferences,
  • Brainstorming Sessions on Latest Technologies,
  • Developing Innovative Projects,
  • Blogs and Discussion Forums,
  • Sharing Experiences about technical matters,
  • Industrial Visits,
  • Annual Technical Fest

Under this club any student or group of students willing to pursue any particular technical subject or specialization will be supported by the senior members of the club.

Our Achievements :

  1. Professional Network : Through our club, we have built a professional network that goes beyond our family, friends and fellow students.
  2. Inter-disciplinary Competitions : At the club, students can meet people from different departments, with different background and are willing to form a team to work on a multi­displinary theme.
  3. Soft Skills : The club is the place where students can practice their soft skills in a fun-packed and inspiring environment.
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