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Departmental Research Facilities and Areas (CSE Department)

A Educational Collaboration

Apple iOS

CSE department has a educational Tie-up with Apple iOS. Apple lab oratory is built on the world's most advanced operating system the Macintosh is easy to use as it is powerful. It comes with applications the help students create amazing projects. Apple lab connected to the remote Mac OS X server located at Hi-Tech Laboratory, Main Campus. More...

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a fast emerging business standard. Enterprises find it beneficial in several ways. Cloud Computing simplifies accessibility, provides virtual storage space, addresses backup issues, it provides security against unauthorized access and loss of data. Key advantage is that users can pay only for the resources they have used on ‘the cloud’ and do away with the major investments for data storage, software licenses, servers and hardware. According to the statistics provided by the Market Research Media, the worldwide market for Cloud Computing is likely to grow at a CAGR of 30% to reach US$ 270 billion through the year 2020. Considering the cutting-edge innovations and new industry-specific applications, Cloud Computing is fast emerging as an essential component of an enterprise’s IT framework. RIT have a official tie-up with Microsoft Edu-Cloud and also have cloud infrastructure in campus.

Big Data

Imagine you are watching television and see adds that are streaming on it, are all relevant? So obviously you are not that interested and start surfing. But imagine if the add that is on the television is of your interest, assume you went to a burger outlet to have a juicy burger and the add that comes up is the same product, or say you went shopping for shades and the add is about the same product. Now imagine if this is true for all individuals would that not be more effective? This is just one of the facet of Big Data. The only challenge now is to manage the big data, and with innovations in the field of big data like Hadoop the scope is getting bigger.


Android is an open source mobile operating system that gives app developers a freedom to use the source code and develop robust & streamlined applications. One of the major benefit of choosing android app development is amazing job opportunities associated with it. Many IT industries require android app developers who can create apps that are capable of delivering best user experience. the market share held by Android mobile OS in India is approximately 79.17 percent, reported by statista market research. This ascendancy of Android OS in the Indian smartphone market has helped many app developers to accomplish their career goals in the field of application development. RIT have android development lab in camus.

Artificial Intelligence

Work in Artificial Intelligence in the CS department at RIT involves foundational research in core areas of knowledge representation, reasoning, learning, planning, decision-making, vision, robotics, speech and language processing. There are also significant efforts aimed at applying algorithmic advances to applied problems in a range of areas, including bioinformatics, networking and systems, search and information retrieval.