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Outbound Activities

Outbound Training usually revolves around outbound activities intended to improve leadership, communication skills, planning, delegation, change management, teamwork, and motivation. Participants are divided into teams and assigned tasks or activities for completion in a specified time.
The students of MBA first year had an enthralling adventure for two days at Rishikesh in September 2017. White Water River Rafting in Rishikesh has won several hearts from all around the world. The rafting adventure packages include activities like rafting, camping, cliff diving, body surfing, meditation and temple tour. The outbound activity was organized by RIT in the natural, captivating and serene environment of Rishikesh. This training emphasized on enhancing human effectiveness through personality enrichment. The two days spent at the camp were full of fun, excitement and adventure. The learning gained from such type of activities surely benefits the students throughout their life, both personally and professionally.

Outbound Training is a training method for enhancing team performance through experiential learning.  Outbound Training generally revolves around activities designed to improve leadership, communication skills, planning, change management, delegation, teamwork, and motivation. Participants are divided into teams and assigned tasks or activities for completion in a specified time. During our study tour to SIDCUL Haridwar in April 2018 student groups meet with local and multinational managers and government officials. They use the opportunity to observe local and multinational business operations and explore the variety of complex and multifaceted phenomena in various industries.
Leadership development and Management Development programs includes all those activities that enhance the capacity of an individual or organization to lead well.
To develop Leadership and Managerial Skills we combine a mix of Leadership Training, Management Games, Business Simulations and Team Building Activities to help students learn and discover their leadership potential. Our Leadership and Management Development Programs are broadly classified into.

  • Leadership Development program for First year students (LDF)
  • Leadership  Development Program for Second year students (LDS)

Team Building

  • Team building for business groups
  • Employee Engagement activities
  • Group team building activities

Personnel Development

  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Time Management
  • Confidence Building
  • Decision Making 
  • Personal Impact 
  • Assertiveness Skills 
  • Goal Setting 
  • Stress Management 

Management Development 

  • Leadership Skills 
  • Communication Skills
  • Change Management
  • Giving Feedback 
  • Delegation Skills 
  • Motivation Skills 
  • Creativity & Innovation