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Department of Mechanical Engineering

B.Tech., M.Tech., Diploma

The Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the key strengths of the Institute. Its faculty and facilities are the real strength and are making sincere efforts to produce excellent engineering graduates to meet the present day industry needs. During four years, students learn the mechanisms & design of various machines, energy systems, materials strength, production processes, machine tools and manufacturing system & their maintenance for a wide range of industries. The department dedicates itself to provide students with a set of skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enable  them to succeed and thrive as engineers anywhere in the world.  The course prepares its graduates to pursue life-long learning, serve the profession and meet intellectual, ethical and career challenges.
Since the day of its inception the Department of Mechanical Engineering has been taking long strides in the field of applied sciences and Mechanical Engineering. It is a discipline that finds wide scope in emerging areas like CAD, CAM, Robotics, Mechatronics, and Renewable Energy etc. The department is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops to foster the thoughts and creativity into the students to manifest their ideas. Numbers of workshops, seminars, conferences are held every year and students are mentored for overall growth of the scientific temper in the related area of Mechanical Engineering.
Mechanical Engineering Labs

Mechanical Workshop 

A full-fledged workshop has been established as per the norms of AICTE. Workshop supervisors and technicians are well trained, experienced and committed to important knowledge to the students through hands-on practice on various machines/facilities provided in the workshop. Individualized attention is given to all the students who come to the workshop. Safety gadgets have been made compulsory to be used by the students while they are in the workshop for their hands-on-practice. Mechanical Workshop is broadly divided into six shops - Carpentry, Foundry, Fitting, Welding, Forging and Machine Shop. Lathe machines, Shaper machine, Drilling machine, Gas welding and Arc welding set-ups are available in the Mechanical workshop

Machine Drawing Lab.

Machine drawing is indispensable communicating language for mechanical engineers. This lab focuses on students to develop precision & skill for preparing machine drawing using I.S.O. specification.  

Dynamics  of  Machine   Lab

The lab is established with the latest modernized equipment/instrument for comprehensive studies and experimentation on Velocity of Acceleration, Governor, Gyroscope, Balancing, Clutch and Vibration etc. 

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning lab is equipped with  experimental set-ups for conducting studies on different types of refrigeration & air conditioning systems with evaporators and extension devices etc. and prepares the students for serving the industry.   

Material Science  & Testing Lab.

The lab is fully equipped for experimentations of comparative study of microstructures of welded components and different metal specimens such as Cast Iron, Steel, Brass and Copper etc. Heat Treatment Plant is installed for experiments on metals, study of corrosion and its effect. Lab also has the testing machines for impact, fatigue, creep and harness testing of metals. 

Measurement, Metrology & Control Lab

The lab is fully developed for experimentation and studies on Stroboscope, Limits, Fits and Tolerances, Dial Indictor, Shark Plug, Tachometer, Sine Bar & Slip Gauges and Vibration Measuring Instrument to prepare the students befitting to serve the industry. In machine Design Lab. excellent faculty train the students on Systematic Methodologies, Creative Analysis and Design of novel mechanical devices. 

Applied  Thermodynamics Lab. 

The Applied  Thermodynamics Lab acquaints the students with different types of thermodynamic processes. In addition facilities are developed to study  the performance of Internal Combustion Engines, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning etc. 

Fluid Mechanics

The lab is fully equipped for imparting exhaustive training to the students for solving fluid mechanics problems and laying foundation for learning analytical, empirical and experimental skills. 

Heat And  Mass  Transfer Lab

This lab focuses on micro scale and nanoscale processes, temperature control of electronics, high heat flux engineering and connective transport. 

Manufacturing Science Lab

The lab is equipped with various experiments involving in manufacturing processes, metal forming, casting metal removing and metal addition processes. The lab is equipped with state-of-art-machines like lathe, shaper, drilling and welding processes 

Graphics Lab

the state-the-art Graphics Lab caters to a student seating capacity of 60 students. The Graphics Lab has drawing boards mounted on adjustable drafting stand with provision for fixing the mini-drafter machines for preparation of engineering drawings.  

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